Sustainable Hope organizes and support the following activities for youth leadership development:

  • Provides technical, administrative, and organizational support, and helps establish and strengthen university-based and community-based programs
  • Conducts grassroots “training of trainers” workshops, using an interactive approach.
  • Develops and assists in the development of interactive curricula and manuals for English teachers and students,
  • Coordinates and hosts We CanTM Club Leadership camps for eligible participating students.
  • Organizes and facilitates visits, provides incentives for advancement and exchanges and trainings between students and teachers
  • Works to connect students with university and vocational programs with established university and corporations
  • Offers opportunities for service clubs such as Rotary and corporations to sponsor “We Can TM Clubs” and Government school programs
  • Sustainable Hope seeks to develop and strengthen positive partnerships and networks locally, regionally, and internationally.

We facilitate safe learning spaces.

Bringing Dreams within Reach.

Youth feel safe in a group when they know the behaviors that are expected of them.

To clarify these behaviors, it is important to lead the Club though a process of identifying the standards of behavior all agree they want for their Club.

These can be written in the form of Club Rules.

Club rules help members monitor their own behaviors and decrease the need for the adult leader to control behavior.

Clear rules also help prevent misunderstandings between members and adults and leaders about appropriate behavior at Club meetings and events.

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Together, we can change their world.

Help us to make a difference in the lives of poor, neglected, under-privileged, at-risk, orphaned children and teens by providing education, basic life and leadership skills, via role models, mentors and advisors and through vocational training programs.

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