Mooton is currently studying in the third year in Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University.

Mooton graduated high school from Suksa Songkhro Thawatchaburi School in Roi Et Province and is currently studying in the third year in Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University.

He got to know the We Can Club for the first time in 2016 from the invitation of his brothers who had joined before. At first, he thought of joining just for fun. But after experiencing various activities in the club, he discovered that there was more than he initially thought.

In addition to having fun participating in the different activities, Mooton also gained very useful knowledge: working with an organizational system, performing duties according to the corresponding responsibilities. Furthermore, learning English from all the activities can be used in learning endeavors and future work. Mooton also met a lot of people thanks to his We Can Club membership: highly talented speakers, lovely club members at his school and lots of club mates from other schools.

When the time came to decide if he could continue to study in higher education, Mooton had to think hard how he could find a solution for the expenses that would involve, because his family is poor. Causing him to think about the different costs in many ways, see how to make spending more flexible and considering to find a part time job.

When Mooton received the news that his scholarship application was approved and that he would receive the scholarship from Sustainable Hope International he was very happy. The scholarship would reduce the burden of many expenses such as dormitory rent, water bills, electricity bills, etc. and this scholarship makes it possible to spend more flexibly. Reduce the worry of various expenses even more.

The biggest advantages Mooton regarded as the result of receiving this scholarship from Sustainable Hope International were the fact that this made it possible to concentrate a lot more on studying and would allow him to fully participate in various activities on campus. The scholarship reduced the time he must spend working part-time.

In addition to receiving the scholarship, Mooton appreciates the encouragement he is receiving from Sustainable Hope to study. Having someone watching over his learning is another strong stimulus that makes him study harder, not give up or get discouraged sometimes for learning.

Now Mooton has reached the 3rd year and the next step is his 4th year and final year, which is dedicated to doing an internship. His internship is at the Selaphumpittayakom School in Roi Et Province. Students must complete 1 academic year of teaching as an apprentice before they can graduate.

Mooton is very grateful towards Sustainable Hope International for providing the scholarship to him and give him the opportunity to study.

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