Through your donations, Sustainable Hope International exemplifies the principle: “Give youth a fish, feed them for a day; teach youth to fish, feed them for a lifetime.” We Can™ Clubs teach basic life and leadership skills, character development and offers scholarships to technical or university training. Your donation offers at-risk youth ownership of their future.

Sustainable Hope International makes History and one of our scholars has a brighter future

Thitaya was 11 years old when she inherited her 2 year old nephew – due to the death of his parents in an accident. To support the family Thitaya’s mother had to work many miles away, leaving Thitaya responsible for the total care of her nephew. She washed her school uniform daily, care for the […]



Celebrate the Thai New Year at Songkran

You are invited to celebrate a traditional Thai New Year celebration…

We Can Clubs

In the next few days starting November 10, 2014, Ken Brookens,…

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